Please read all instructions carefully …

instructionsThis means you, doofus!  Or, more specifically, ME!  I am currently the [not so] proud owner of about 5 pounds of seed potato pearls in every possible size from 3.5mm-5mm.  All because I figured those instructions I’d printed out were for the more challenged of my creative  counterparts … NOPE!  At one point, I had DH ‘helping’ with man tools, drill bits and metal files.  We had a vise and forceps out.  We destroyed a pearl and mutilated a silver finding.   I ordered additional supplies from multiple companies.  The whole time I had the instructions – with the magical answer sitting right in front of me for weeks … DOH!  Lesson learned – the hard way … and, ya know – I love my new bracelet.  (So much so, I think I’ll make about 10 of them …)


new-glassesMaybe things will be better (or I’ll be more inclined to read) now that I have these.  Personally, I think they look better on Lola (my model), but I see better when I wear them, so … (Getting old ain’t for wimps!)


Now, back to taxes …


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