Finally … Thank you – I needed that!

What a beautiful day!  And – I spent time in the studio.  Just doesn’t get much better than that!  While I still don’t have water (DH says it’s frozen somewhere in the ground … NOT great news) – I had fun in the studio!

I spent some time at the saw, and have requested spoon rests ready for the next level.


I had some success with a custom request pendant.  I’ve tried getting this image onto a cab about 3 different ways.  Today, I finally had good luck with screen printing/accu-art!  Yahoo!


And, my head is spinning with other things I want to make.  But for now, I’m weeding/working on future Michigan-specific and dichro jewelry.

michigan-jewelry   dichro-jewelry

When I get back to mailling – this is what I’m working on (Zig Zag byzantine bracelet).  But, the next few days are dedicated to Tax Season 2013 … Heavy Sigh!


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