Month: April 2014

Prayers and happy thoughts

My Grandma is in the hospital again – darn gallbladder!  She is NOT feeling good.  This afternoon when we were visiting her, I decided I didn’t like seeing her as a patient (looking tired and sick in the ICU bed) about as… Read More

Back in the Saddle again …

Guess what?  I have water in my studio!!!  I KNOW, right?!?!  How incredibly cool is that!  So – from here on out, most days that end in ‘Y’, you can find me in the studio … Those projects I had going from… Read More

Chainmail and glass …

Means I’m one happy girl.  I broke down on Monday and purchased an instant download tutorial for a weave that I’ve liked but couldn’t quite figure out (felt like I needed 3 more sets of hands to complete).  And now, I am… Read More

And now to PARTAY!!!

OK, umm – so maybe not with champagne, but … It’s over for another 364 days, WAHOO!!! And, look at what I made today.  It’s  a chainmail pinecone.  Cuz – I can!!!  And … it is “4 out of 5 intermediate advanced”… Read More

How to prepare?

A box of tissues or bottle of champagne???  Off we go to the tax man to see if we win or lose.  Fingers crossed!

Heigh Hoooooo

It’s back to work I go!  I’ll let you know later which of the dwarfs I am/was over the weekend …

Please read all instructions carefully …

This means you, doofus!  Or, more specifically, ME!  I am currently the [not so] proud owner of about 5 pounds of seed potato pearls in every possible size from 3.5mm-5mm.  All because I figured those instructions I’d printed out were for the… Read More