Back in the Saddle again …

Guess what?  I have water in my studio!!!  I KNOW, right?!?!  How incredibly cool is that!  So – from here on out, most days that end in ‘Y’, you can find me in the studio …

Those projects I had going from the last post are done:  A stringer bowl and several spoon rests (12 of them to be exact).


Spoon rests 1-3 Spoon rests 4-6 Spoon rests 7-9

silver-reactionFlower Power spoon restSanta Fe

And, being Monday (which means a slow moving day for me), I made earrings and a bracelet.

blue-green-crystal-earrings   flower-earrings


WWU:  I am grateful the weekend is over.  I feel like I’m back in the swing of things as far as being a fully functioning ER nurse goes.  And Easter weekend proved to be a rough one.  Lots of crummy diagnoses, accidents and news.  My take home message … life is a precious gift!  (And … so is running water!)

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