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He Just Showed Me Up …

Doggone it!  But – we’re starting to learn to make torched murrine up in here!  I’m definitely having issues with heat control.  But DH took to it like he has been lampworking all his life.  WTH?!?   My pitiful attempts: And his… Read More


While I play with chainmaille, jewelry and lampwork beads, DH is plugging away at the family room.          The direct vent fireplace is installed – and works!  There’s some finish carpentry and the (fireplace) surround to build yet (and CARPET!!!),… Read More

T-6 … so what’d you do today?

Less than 6 days ‘til Christmas … Wow, it’s really coming extra fast this year. Of course, a houseful of squishy-faced-love adds to the fun and hectic level of activity. DH and I did a little Christmas shopping today, when I finally… Read More

Ready, Set ~ Go … CRAZY

So, I’ve done it again.  DH and I have committed to doing an art show (or two).  Yep, on the weekend … when I’m working.  So, if you’re in the area on September 14 & 15, stop on by and see us… Read More

This week in the studio …

So, my flower plate ERUPTED too … Dang it! But, I have a plan for this plate and the failed peacock piece … [drumroll] … spoon rests!!!    To go with the other spoon rests I’ll be cutting from these blanks and future… Read More

Oh Snap!

Who shot the peacock?!?  Dammitall!  Turns out, IF you read the actual CPI tutorial for the plate, there is a small, significant tip regarding firing:  “If the posts are too far under the tile, they will cause uneven heat to that area…. Read More

Busy ~ but I’m lovin’ it!

What a week!  I’ve been taking serious advantage of insomnia.  I have 3 kilns running, and so much to report … Here’s what I worked on tonight:  Fingers crossed it turns out as promising as I hope! And, I finished my fish… Read More

Birthdays, chores and studio news

Happy Birthday to DH!  And to celebrate his special day … we’re painting the living room.  Two tons of fun, let me tell you.  But we’ll be having Christmas (with my dad) here in just a little bit, so we’ve got to get… Read More

Too tired to worry …

WWU:  Oh how I wish we could get through this flu season already!  I took care of some folks this weekend who were producing … um … ‘body fluids’ in so many WRONG colors and shades (and we won’t even mention the… Read More

It’s the little things …

My new baby kiln arrived – and I love her!  Fired her up last night and drove home the point that I have a new kiln to learn (each kiln has their own heating personalities, preferences, etc.) … DOH!  If I’d been… Read More