Too tired to worry …

WWU:  Oh how I wish we could get through this flu season already!  I took care of some folks this weekend who were producing … um … ‘body fluids’ in so many WRONG colors and shades (and we won’t even mention the textures or aromas!) … And now, it would appear various strains are spreading among my co-workers.  I may just have to call in sick to avoid getting sick this weekend … Hmmm.

But I’m not going to worry about that just yet.  DH and I had been talking about repainting several rooms in the house.  Yesterday, he decided it was time to work on our kitchen/breakfast nook.  We got it done in one day, while taxiing the twins to and from school events.  [Now, only three more rooms to go … all with vaulted ceilings.  Oy Vay!] 


pregnant-yorkieWhen I climbed into the hot tub at midnight last night to soak the weariness, along with some paint away, I figured I was going to sleep really well … But – no.  Our CJ had other ideas … She decided to start labor last night.  By noon today, we added 3 new (Yorkie) babies to our family.  Mom and pups are doing great so far – all four are eating!  [Fingers crossed!]

So, I’m in my studio for the first time this week.  Too tired to muster any energy to create.  Although I did get a few photos taken and some computer work done.  Maybe coffee will help …

fused glass spoon rest 'Colors V'

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