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Glass-On + Viral Overload = Huckleberry

Or – SLOW MOVING … But, it’s moving, so I’m not going to gripe. OK, I am gonna whine.  But – ya know – I’m NOT calling an ambulance … So, in my saintly-stoic/virally-saturated-world – while I patiently wait for the meningitis to consume… Read More

Staying warm and slowly producing …

Not much to report on this week in the studio, but I am moving a few pieces along … Custom request dichroic badge reels are a tad trickier to create without running water.  Fortunately, I’m married to a handy guy who keeps lots… Read More

2015 … So far, so good!

This week and – to date, 2015 has been busy and productive … My kilns have been working overtime:  Future spoon rests (so far we’re up to 16 of them … in various stages); Night lights (umm … 12 and counting, including this turquoise and… Read More

Too tired to worry …

WWU:  Oh how I wish we could get through this flu season already!  I took care of some folks this weekend who were producing … um … ‘body fluids’ in so many WRONG colors and shades (and we won’t even mention the… Read More

It’s the little things …

I’m so excited.  We have spent the last 10 days without our (clothes) dryer.  Some electronic part shorted out, and try as he did, DH couldn’t fix it.  To and from the repair shop it went … THREE TIMES!  It’s back today,… Read More

Tis the Season

Oh My Gosh!  Who snuck that full-moon weekend in there without warning me?!?  Lordy, this past weekend was tough!  And, to make it so much MORE fun … we have officially entered the next round of the (never-ending) ‘flu season’.  Yesterday is an… Read More