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Productive … and Leery

So far it’s been a good week in the studio.  I finally have all 25 spoon rests completed!  Yep, 19 one-of-a-kind colorful and 6 repeat designs (flowers) … So, now I need to photograph, aargh – my favorite!  [Ummm, here are the… Read More

Shitake! But not yet …

Have you seen that THING?!?  Egads … this weekend is gonna be tough!  Yesss – it’s pretty in the sky over the farm, all innocent and peaceful looking.  NO – I do NOT want to go to work this weekend!!!  (It will still… Read More

I’m supposed to be sleeping …

But the moon is getting full – and that seems to be stressing me … not that last night was bad – but I didn’t know the lunar status last night.  Now I do … With the larger-than-desired condition of the moon… Read More

It’s still a full moon … WWU

While the lunar status doesn’t quite mean what it did at the hospital ER, you can still tell when the moon is full … bizarre and unusual people were out in full force this weekend. Had a great family night – in… Read More

Tis the Season

Oh My Gosh!  Who snuck that full-moon weekend in there without warning me?!?  Lordy, this past weekend was tough!  And, to make it so much MORE fun … we have officially entered the next round of the (never-ending) ‘flu season’.  Yesterday is an… Read More

Everyone needs love …

Update for the full moon weekend:  I’m pretty sure I got to meet a few people that have strong beliefs regarding ‘Keeping It All in the Family’ (brother/sister –> husband/wife couples) … we didn’t actually discuss it, but … Yep, I’m pretty… Read More

Viruses, Goblins, and Full Moons … oh my!

So, I’m making some progress – finally feel like my head is no longer sharing space with the virus tumor (Yes – it was a tumor, liquefying my brain – or so I whined to my co-workers on Sunday).  Anyway – the… Read More