I’m supposed to be sleeping …

But the moon is getting full – and that seems to be stressing me … not that last night was bad – but I didn’t know the lunar status last night.  Now I do … With the larger-than-desired condition of the moon – and the fact that I can’t sleep … we’ll do a ‘lunar post’:

I’ve been somewhat productive in the warm glass studio … Here are some before and after shots:

You’ve heard of the Blood Red Rose, right? … Well, I thought I had something just as beautiful going with this night light … (before fusing)


Nope … I’ve renamed it the ‘Blood Clot Rose’.  I don’t know if I can salvage it – I will try (before adding it to the large pile of scrap glass) …


I have had some successes … I love these:  (Before firing and after)

psychedelic-night-light-pre     psychedelic-night-lights

This one was also beautiful before … DH was most impressed.  It’s okay in it’s current stage.  I know what I’d do differently now.  But time to put it back in the kiln for another round or two and see how it evolves … here’s what we’ve got now:

tree-of-life-before-fusing tree-of-life-fused-stage-1 tree-of-life-light

I have an experiment in the works that I’ll share in a later post … it has to do with this rough piece:  Isn’t it gorgeous?!? … I think I can successfully make some new fused glass ‘objects d’art’ with this process I’ve got going.  It truly is combining years of our hobbies into one! 


With that in mind – and the status of the moon-phase … I’m being crazy.  Not ‘ER crazy’ … but ‘you really should stop spending money’ crazy.  It’s just that I need a few more supplies to carry this idea out to fruition (or failure … ???).  So, instead of sleeping – I’ve been internet shopping.  Ssshhhh … Don’t tell DH … Smile 

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