Slightly creative with a curious mind = BRAT!

Yep – that’s me … While packages are still arriving with my new-found embossing hobby, I spent a few hours last night researching yet another interest … Still in the research phase (which means I’m eyeing some books), I haven’t spent any money yet – but it’s just a matter of time, I’m sure.

For now though, enough of my embossing supplies have arrived for me to do a little playing:   I like this ornament – but want to do more with it than just a ribbon for hanging … ???  I’m working it out … (But, I love how the photo turned out … another lucky shot!)  And – a mirror/picture frame idea … DH is pushing for a mirror – we’ll see.  I’m also working out the best way to ‘frame’ it (create a frame with it).  It’ll stew for a few days before I decide an approach … In the meantime, there is no safe metal in my house.  If I can get my hands on it, actually cut it (I have found a few I can’t) … I’m trying to emboss it!  Pop cans, metal flashing, a few kitchen utensils.  DH gets nervous when I start ‘rooting around’ in his man-cave … Smile

embossed-metal-ornament         embossed-frame

deep-in-thought-designingSpeaking of DH – I caught a quick pic of him stewing over his next stained glass window design … That’s his ‘deep in thought’ face … or maybe it was a gas pain … ?   Disappointed smile  Anyway – I have about 10 glass projects I’m anxious to see him make, so I wish he would move along …

I hope to get at least one of the kilns fired up this week … maybe tomorrow I can dedicate some time to my neglected glass.  My head is full of  night light/sun catcher ideas right now.  I need to replenish my stock of spoon rests and bottles, and start planning for a new round of badge reels.  Oh – can’t forget about the dye-sub projects I want to get going, too … SOMETIMES I wish there were more hours in a day!racing clock

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