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That’s better!

Feelin’ a bit more like me, and the Motrin is actually helping today … so I had a great day in the studio!  I’ve been spending a lot of time learning Vitri-Fusaille (Peter McGrain) along with all other painting on stained glass… Read More

Slightly creative with a curious mind = BRAT!

Yep – that’s me … While packages are still arriving with my new-found embossing hobby, I spent a few hours last night researching yet another interest … Still in the research phase (which means I’m eyeing some books), I haven’t spent any money… Read More

Welcome 2012 …

WWU:  New Year’s weekend was surprisingly less eventful than Christmas weekend.  There were still ridiculous visits peppered in with the occasional sick folk … but my little stand-alone ER was NOT busy with legal blood draws or intoxicated drama all weekend …… Read More

This Elf is Ready for a Break

I’ve been working hard this week … shipping packages daily, cranking out personalized ornament orders (both of which I love), getting the computers talking to each other (networked – so I can access pictures/info in the new studio), loading drivers and photo-editing… Read More