Welcome 2012 …

WWU:  New Year’s weekend was surprisingly less eventful than Christmas weekend.  There were still ridiculous visits peppered in with the occasional sick folk … but my little stand-alone ER was NOT busy with legal blood draws or intoxicated drama all weekend … (LOVE THAT!!)  Life at my new job is so much less stressful, that I didn’t even find myself making the yearly resolution to be ‘kinder/gentler me’ … I think  that’s a good thing … Disappointed smile

Studio news:  Not as much warm glass productivity going on right now.  With the studio move and puppies – I’m seeing the draw back to the geographical change … can’t be in two places at once, darn it!!  But – I have all sorts of ideas flowing.  I do think I’ll ‘make a resolution’ to keep an idea journal going – something to flip back to when the creativity hits a wall.

DH has been productive though … here’s his latest window.  Now that I’ve got him on a roll, I hope to have stained glass windows throughout the house (like we had planned for when the house was rough-framed years ago) … Patience paying off – it is a good thing!

stained-glass-window       stained-glass-window-instal

And the final decorative touch for my studio bathroom has arrived.  DH loves to tease me about no wall being untouched – that I have a fear of naked walls … I suppose it’s true, as this ‘spot’ in the bathroom was begging for special bling.  I discovered this on Etsy, and special-ordered it.  Being that many pieces I make are repurposed, as well as much of the furniture in the studio – I think this is perfect.  It’s a wreath made out of recycled book pages …

studioBRwreath recycled-book-wreath paper-roses

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