Just a tad more excitement …

before closing out the 2011 year … On Thursday, while coming home from promised clothes shopping – my daughter and I discovered a ‘present’ at the end of our driveway.  Some stellar member of our community decided to dump 40+ old tires.  Not in one of the ditches or low areas, swamps or back ‘forty’ … Nope, right in my driveway.


This marks the second time someone has used our driveway for dumping ‘trash’ (the first was the left-over-bits/costume jewelry from a home theft – which, I’m told, the perps were eventually caught).  These episodes aren’t counting the multiple empty beer cans or other trash (‘wrappers’ of all sorts) tire swingwe find … Oh, the joys of living remotely with a long driveway!  So, DH and I are revisiting the idea of purchasing an outdoor (remote) security camera.  We’ll see.  I hate how much they cost … but, I do not revel in the thought of my fat-butt properly disposing of those tires either … So – we are also thinking of creative ways to repurpose those tires … maybe a garden border, or … DH could learn how to make those ‘horse’ tire swings … Smile

While waiting for our favorite boys-in-black (county deputies) to arrive (for reporting purposes – and to whine a bit) … DH finished his stained glass panel.  It’s been about 9 years since we’ve played with stained glass, so the skills were a little rusty – but I like it!  And he’s already rough designing his next panel …

bon-appetit-stained-glass-w      stained-glass-panel-designi

And – some of my embossing equipment is starting to arrive.  While I won’t bore you with close-up photos of each piece … here’s an overview of my work area, with Zeus checking stuff out … and a quick pic of my frit storage/bedford-esque table:

table-zeus     frit-storage

Now it’s time to mentally prepare for the New Year weekend at work … what will it bring???  Happy New Year everyone … have fun and BE SAFE!!!

bb new year

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