Month: November 2011

WWU … Did you know … ???

Did you know that you can’t squish/step-on a tic to kill it … Nope, it’ll keep on crawling right under your shoe. Did you know that dogs/pets can get MRSA too … Yep, they get it from their infected humans. These are… Read More

A House Divided …

but getting close to being united!  That’s kind’a how I’m feeling with the new studio.  Most of my glass paraphernalia is moved – but not all … None of my finished pieces are moved yet, so I’m keeping all of my shipping/wrapping… Read More

I am thankful … in my way

My refrigerator died yesterday … but I am thankful that we have more than one!  DH didn’t realize the ‘puddle’ in front of the fridge was due to everything defrosting … so I am thankful we have the large four-legged family that… Read More

WWU … Hmm – I like it!

Got through another weekend … this one completely at the new job.  It is definitely changing grass varieties – had one visitor complain that the magazine selection was lacking and outdated … umm, OK, I’ll work on that … (???)  But it’s… Read More

When it rains …

What was initially pretty amusing to me is now causing all sorts of grief … DH’s jury duty!  A simple case that should have been resolved within one day (if not half a day) is now dragging out.  Forget my studio –… Read More

WWU – It’s All Good …

Officially worked at the new job this past weekend … Suffered a moment’s panic, when 10 minutes into the shift, the one and only patient in the department was discharged … “Holy Cow, this is going to be an insufferably long 12… Read More

Time for the next chapter …

I have my last shift at the hospital tonight… Spent the last 8 years there, learned a lot, have so many good memories, but now it’s time to turn the page … I start at my new job tomorrow in a stand-alone… Read More

Flooring … it’s a beautiful thing!

Had to stop for a minute to share a few pictures … Here’s the studio with flooring and trim in place … That would be DH on the couch, who quickly lost consciousness as he looked over the ‘punch list’ … There’s… Read More

Post-Birthday Blues

So, I’ve rolled into my 42nd year of life with a head cold and messed-up back … [WHINE] But, I have great coworkers and family who leave me feeling loved.  Had an awesome potluck at work, received a major contribution of glass… Read More

Time flies …

I can’t believe it’s Thursday ALREADY … Where’d the week go? The good news – I finally have my chores done for the week – so tomorrow is ALL MINE!  (I even sound like a [2 year old] brat, don’t I??? Mine,… Read More