A House Divided …

but getting close to being united!  That’s kind’a how I’m feeling with the new studio.  Most of my glass paraphernalia is moved – but not all … None of my finished pieces are moved yet, so I’m keeping all of my shipping/wrapping items in the house, too.  It’s getting a bit annoying.  But – the bathroom is almost done … I have pictures:

BR2    BR3    BR1

It’s getting there … My storage rooms and work tables are about all that’s left.  So, I predict I will be ‘making glass’ again next week … Yahoo!!!

The (Neo) pups have been able to enjoy the warmer than usual temps we’ve had with some romp-time outside … I’ll leave with a cute pic of Caesar sticking close to DH in the yard … Pups – they make me smile!! Smile


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