WWU … Did you know … ???

Did you know that you can’t squish/step-on a tic to kill it … Nope, it’ll keep on crawling right under your shoe.

Did you know that dogs/pets can get MRSA too … Yep, they get it from their infected humans.

These are just some of the pretty cool (while somewhat gross) factoids I learned from my patients this weekend.  Meanwhile, I was able to stay in touch with co-workers from the hospital ER.  Little Sister and I decided that bleeding out (exsanguinating) would be much preferred over receiving posterior nasal packing for treatment of a nasty nosebleed … (Picture a GIANT  ballooning tampon sitting at the back of your throat running up into your nasal cavity and landing out your nostril … Hmmm, no thanks!!)

Moving on … Slow but steady progress in the studio renovation.  The plan is to fire up the kilns by Wednesday.  I’ll be playing at the grinder in it’s new home later tonight.  This is much needed therapy after so long without producing!

And – our Christmas present arrives tomorrow – my new fridge is being delivered.  DH and our youngest daughter picked it out on Black Friday (as I refused to enter those crowds) … Can’t wait!


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