The unsung hero … (AKA WWU)

No – it’s not me, if I were the hero – I would be quite vocal about it! 

The true hero is the octogenarian (AKA Little Old Man) ON blood thinners  WITH A NOSE BLEED (read: it will never stop):  He’s so stoic and brave, as his frail wife sits quietly in the corner of the treatment room, wide-eyed and scared, watching her life-partner (and the healthier of the pair) endure hours of torture designed to help … Finally the decision is made – as no amount of pressure, cautery, anterior packing or nasally instilled medications are helping – posterior packing is the only solution … (I’ve described this process before here)

grinch heartHe’s quick-witted and curmudgeonly, but so amazingly tolerant!  There’s no way a 20-something could handle it (shoot, I couldn’t either – truth be told) … The situation pulled at my (nearly non-existent, Grinch-style) heart strings … making me a hovering, devoted, caring nurse (read: BETTER nurse – very ‘Florence Nightingale-esque’ – without the STD’s) … right up until his beastly, bossy, snarly (umm … EVIL) adult child showed up in the 11th hour, to ‘save the day’ … I pray him an easy, speedy recovery and promise NOT to wish any voodoo curses on his offspring.

Meanwhile – my week ahead:  My tax preparation is DONE!  YAY and (double) happy dance time!  We meet with our accountant tomorrow … But I start the day with this month’s DARN SANE meeting.  While I accept tomorrow morning will stink (emotionally) for me, I am soooo hopeful the mood doesn’t continue post-tax appointment (HEY, it could happen!) …

Either way – once I make it past the next 24 hours, the remainder of the week is MINE! NOTHING  but studio-time, darn it!

And, while I still have a hot-tub in my front yard … it is progressing.  She’s getting a no-maintenance face lift … Nice!  I’m hoping DH will have her installed and running by the end of this week.  [fingers crossed]


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