Uncle!! …

We’re making slow but steady progress.  The problem (outside of the fact that neither one of us wants to be doing this) is that our appointment is just a few days away … While I enjoy all of the small businesses DH and I ‘run’ – I’m not loving this task!!  Time to buckle down and get busy …[WHINE] Tax-prep-2012

But – when I take my ‘allotted’ breaks … I’m scouring the ‘net for inspiring ideas for the studio.  I’ll be spending some time dedicated to recycled (…repurposed – to be P.C.) bottle projects – as I’m loving these items I found on Pinterest/the web … Too CUTE!

wine bottle heart  hot glass wine bottle beads  wine bottle towel rack

Yeah, I know – back to crunching numbers organizing receipts … Wait – was that a butterfly???

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