Month: February 2012

Still rollin’ …

WWU:  Busy weekend!  Sick folk, crabby folk, whiney folk … Wow!  Sure glad it’s over … With it’s limited resources, my little stand alone ER has unique challenges when it’s that busy! Flipping back to ‘glass artist’ role – I’m still enjoying… Read More

Relaxed, playing–and on a roll …

A great couple of evenings with my kids (both the two and four-legged kind), my kilns and my studio has me rolling into the weekend feeling great!  I have pictures: Romp time with the pooches … DH caught a quick pic, calling… Read More

Wednesdays … WTH?!?

A much better Wednesday than last week (!), but still with some tension and stress (darn teenagers anyway) … For now, I’ve locked myself in the studio, armed with a cup of Café Mocha – to get some de-stressing/me time. Starting with… Read More

It must be winter …

(WWU) Got through another weekend … busy Saturday, but nothing critical (lots of cold and flu complaints).  My weird sleep habits had me up and wide awake at 7am this morning …WTH???  Such an unnatural hour for me.  I’ll pay for it… Read More

Disillusioned, disappointed and depressed …

Had another first for my ‘lil rural county yesterday – 3 SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) cases in less than 24 hours.  WTH?!?  I believe I covered every service provided to ‘adults’ by our agency (… if I didn’t – I don’t… Read More

Ahhh– I like …

Tonight marks the first time I’ve been in the studio for a week.  The upside – we had a great, all-be-it just a tad late Christmas with my dad, my house is CLEAN, and I have the next 3 days for nothing… Read More

Cold studio … But

… I am ready for Christmas II (with my dad’s side of the family) … Yep, the house is in order, presents made and wrapped (I can FINALLY put away my wrapping paper for the year), laundry ALL caught up (no small… Read More

Productive … but not with glass

Darn it!  But – I did just pay the bills.  “The house is ours for another 30 days, honey” – I yelled out to DH, as I do every month.  And, I saw my primary care physician today … I get to… Read More