Relaxed, playing–and on a roll …

A great couple of evenings with my kids (both the two and four-legged kind), my kilns and my studio has me rolling into the weekend feeling great!  I have pictures:

Romp time with the pooches … DH caught a quick pic, calling me the ‘dog whisperer’.  Smile  The last remaining (Neo) pups are moving on to their new homes this weekend, and our flying babies did great!


Filling the kids in on my recent desire to go gator-huntin’  started an impromptu internet search for ‘exotic meats’ – which led to some pretty entertaining moments as well as a mini-vocab lesson … Pizzles, anyone?

Success with my pendant lamp … I love how uniform, while still being eclectic this one turned out.


A pre-firing shot and a photo of some recent successes and projects.  I’ve been playing with slumping some of DH’s stained glass.  Having some fun making little bowls and catch-alls …

kiln-experiments    recent-kiln-projects

DH’s pool window is coming along nicely:


And, in between kiln runs (as they are LONG [12-15 hour] firings) … I’ve been playing with some non-glass crafts – like recycled plastic bottle ‘icicles’ for the Christmas tree (compliments of Pinterest) and stamped tags.  I have a learning curve to get through regarding what each medium does (chalks, metallic stamps, water color pens, embossing inks, antiquing inks, spritzer mists) … so some experimenting going on …

water-bottle-icicles    playing-with-stamps   

And I’ll leave with a picture from the view of my studio deck.  Apparently there was a ‘town meeting’ earlier this week (before the snow hit AGAIN!) – and the deer were gathered en-mass in our field.  While I didn’t get all of them in this photo, there were some 25-30 deer present for the meeting.  Smile


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