Wednesdays … WTH?!?

A much better Wednesday than last week (!), but still with some tension and stress (darn teenagers anyway) … For now, I’ve locked myself in the studio, armed with a cup of Café Mocha – to get some de-stressing/me time.

Starting with photography:  Here’s a shot of my last coffin run pre-firing:


And my pendant lamp trials … Still having issue with the wispy blue/purple blank (it broke again – but this time on a ceramic mold, so I can’t use brute force to bust it out of there …GRRRR); a successful size and it’s more stunning than it photographs; an unsuccessful example, but one that I can refuse over the metal mold next round. (Photos taken over my trusty flashlight – for sophisticated lamp feel – lol!)

broken-again  pendant-lamp-success  too-wide-and-short-lamp

Here’s a blank that I like, but fear it’s too opaque for a pendant lamp.  While it’s pretty with light coming through, I think it needs to be wispier (more clear) – so I might cut it into pieces and reform … Thoughts, anyone?

too-opaque-for-lamp   orange-turq-brown-with-ligh

I plan to work with some crystal cut beads this evening and maybe get another blank running in the production kiln.  Recently, my sister filled me in on a new Budweiser beer (Platinum) – that comes in cobalt blue bottles … she hooked me up with a few …  Here’s one I slumped into a curved spoon rest … I like it – and it tastes great too! Winking smile



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