Tag: teenage woes

Settling …

Back into routine after momentarily escaping.  While I didn’t take any good photos in paradise – I did catch this neat one about 20,000 feet above Florida … So now I’ve been returned to my spot in the world, to successfully keep… Read More

But HE Started It!

OH!!!  It is SOO DH’s fault … He sent a de-funk Craig’s List item that promised a new storage rack/work station in my COE-90 designated work area.  HE emailed the no-good listing to me.  Now I WANT one!  Shelves for my frits,… Read More

Wednesdays … WTH?!?

A much better Wednesday than last week (!), but still with some tension and stress (darn teenagers anyway) … For now, I’ve locked myself in the studio, armed with a cup of Café Mocha – to get some de-stressing/me time. Starting with… Read More