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Still Learning …

We had another vitrigraph pull this week … We’ve got a nice variety of cane going – while we continue to learn what to do and what not to do!  Now, if SOMEONE would just finish making my cane-chopper! I played with… Read More

Learning patience …

Or trying to, anyway.  We’re waiting for some supplies to come in.  Like a crate of Bullseye glass (they had a sale – what can I say?) and some stainless steel sheeting.  [DH is going to make a vit speed pot for… Read More

Who’s on Second – Third Base! AKA Weekend Wrap Up

Oh My Goodness – I never realized just how true this round-about was!  The old-folks kicked my ARSE, they did this weekend!  So, when a 70+ year old Alzheimer patient tells you they ‘have to pee’ – well, you’re there to help… Read More

Laying low …

WWU:  Assisted fellow-staff with one nasty case of Norovirus this past weekend.  While I cleaned and scrubbed [head to toe] with soap, sanitizer and BLEACH, I woke up Tuesday moving slow, with pains (head ache and back ache) … Jumping to the only… Read More

Canadian Flu ….

AKA – the CRUD that keeps on giving!  Some time ago I posted about a URI (cold) that I had.  I still have it.  It has been renamed, to give credit to its maker.  Yep, about 6 weeks ago, I worked with… Read More

A moment …

To panic … and gripe … before moving on. I’m so far behind – after spending too many hours this week with work.  The good news?  I am competent … for another 364 days … And, I smiled while I was instructed… Read More

Exhausted … But – you know, in a good way … (AKA WWU)

The way that a third-shift nurse, mom, MAGICIAN feels when she crosses that marathon work-tour finish line with all pieces successfully juggled/managed.  Sure … at the final 20 minute push-point, it meant maintaining a 1:1 behavior-medicine watch, while acclimating a new team member,… Read More

Rocky starts, baby steps and moving forward …

Finally figured out (after three tries!) why my ‘crackle with image’ pieces were not working … DOH!  But, I think I have it now (kiln at 900 degrees – I just have to wait and see)!      So, while I wait, I’m… Read More

Crashed hard!

Now I know why I was feeling extra tired and cranky at work this weekend.  I’m fighting off some crummy URI virus that my coworkers are spreading around like candy.  So I power-slept yesterday for some 14+ hours.  DH said he checked… Read More

WWU … My Poor Baby!

My youngest daughter came to visit me at work this weekend.  Not exactly in a manner I would have hoped for … but I was able to help care for her AND be her Mom.  She got hurt at her job*.  Multiple… Read More