A moment …

To panic … and gripe … before moving on.

I’m so far behind – after spending too many hours this week with work.  The good news?  I am competent … for another 364 days … And, I smiled while I was instructed to do more with less, pick up the slack in other departments, and that ultimately quality care means no more than customer satisfaction … maybe even less?  Grrr … Thank you JCAHO, Medicare and Obama!

The better news (WWU) … It’s not every job that you actually get to (need to !?!) enunciate [umm – in this case it means repeat it twice, LOUDLY] the directive … “Joe, put your penis away … NOW … please!”  After this week, I have to wonder what his patient satisfaction scores may reveal …

Next up … a mandatory photo session with my glass and jewelry.  I have too many pieces sitting around here!  Bring on the holiday shopping season!


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