Tinkering …

Cuz – I can.  I’m on vacation.  No – we’re not going anywhere.  But I’m taking a much-needed break from (ER) work… We’ve had a beautiful SUN day.  DH shared his plans to build a deck on the pond … My dad… Read More

So – the funny thing is …

It turns out, you can’t play with your torch if your OXYGEN tank is empty … Nope!  Doesn’t matter how much of that glass glob you place into your ‘hottest flame’ … This is what you get … And now, I am… Read More

Today is the Day!

… I think(!)  … Maybe … Yes!!!  I’ve been wanting to play with the torch and making my own murrini for a while now.  I’m just about ready …  So – this is it! … … AFTER physical therapy! [Arrrgghh! – my… Read More

Arrgghh–the Broken Wing strikes again!

Cooped-up, grateful, somber and reflective (… as we roll into the New Year with it’s mandatory RESOLUTIONS) = TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS! I just watched an interesting piece on millennials.  As the parents of four such off-spring, my husband and… Read More

A moment …

To panic … and gripe … before moving on. I’m so far behind – after spending too many hours this week with work.  The good news?  I am competent … for another 364 days … And, I smiled while I was instructed… Read More

Never enough hours – and yet …

I’m relieved all the same.  I make myself nutty with these craft/art shows.  I know I do.  “They” say identifying the problem is half the battle.  It’s not true … I’m still nutty!  (But I knew that going in, so …) We’re… Read More

I’m still here …

It’s been forever, I know.  Busy mixed with a little funk, I guess.  Not so much going on in the kilns, but I did get all of my beading supplies moved from my ‘office’ to the studio.  This meant a lot of… Read More

Catching the Christmas spirit …

or is that SPIRITS???  (We’ll get to that…)  I’m happy.  I’m gathering up small projects/music to keep myself occupied while I work the art shop tomorrow.  Come join me from 12n-8p … I’ll have Pentatonix rockin’ on my MP3 player for some a… Read More

Ahhh … Friday

Brings about the end of another week … but a good week.  A few things from the studio:  New slumped bottle, “Cocktail”; more boiled blanks – I’m still working out the tweaks, but I like them, while slowly building up to a… Read More

The Giving Tree … AKA WWU

‘Round and ‘round we go … [Warning – philosophical, WORDY post!] I hate it when I get mad at work.  Aarrrggh, WHY?!?  Anger is (almost) always a wasted emotion.  But, when a mid-level practitioner [one I feel I’ve helped raise and mold over… Read More