A Hot Minute …

This catch-up game is tough – so many photos.  The garden is rocking, and I’m refraining from a full photo tour … (you’re welcome!)  But, I do need to share a few photos … My experiments are working (so far, anyway)!  My sweet potatoes finally grew some slips, and are now in their own pot (along side the purchased sweet potato plants).  And my roma tomato (sliced from organic store bought) plant is flowering!  Yay!!!

sweet-potato-slips  sweet-potatoes-plantedroma-experiment  tomato-flowers

We’re starting to get small harvests from the garden, too.  Our first cucumber went to the chickens, but … tonight we had grilled chicken (NO – NOT ANY OF MY LADIES!), roasted radish and sautéed radish greens for dinner … It was good. 

radish-harvest   chicken-radish-greens

Speaking of The Ladies – they’re growing and are so fun to watch.  Even Chloe likes to keep a close eye on them.  Oh – they love their clown car!  Smile

Chloe-and-the-ladies   chicken-car

Last weekend, DH did a whirlwind road trip (Alabama and back in 32 hours) to bring two Neos home to our clan.  So we welcome Tito & Gaia.  And for Father’s day, we gave him a drone.  I’m hopeful we can get some neat aerial photos soon – once he reads through the huge instruction manual and figures it all out …

Tito-Georgie   drone

That pretty much gets us up to date.  I need to squeeze in a few hours of mandatory nursing competencies, and will find some pool time before heading back to work this weekend.  So for now, I’ll leave with a photo of Victor and the Bulldog crew catching a sunshine nap … Awww!


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