Good News/Bad News …

and catching up to date.

So, the good news – I was off work this weekend.  The bad news – it was supposed to be our oldest daughter’s wedding weekend.  The good news – she has already chosen a new date for 2021.

The good news, I’m feeling better.  I saw my doctor and we have a solid plan for dealing with the abdominal addition I’ve named Hollis …  The bad news, I have to get back to work (ER nursing), while I still have a bit of waddle in my stride!

avaThe good news – The Coopa Cabana is open for business (complete with indoor camera).  The ladies have moved in, spent a couple of nights and today were introduced to the Henitentiary (their run).  They ate bugs, nibbled on grass and ran around … well, like chickens!  The bad news – Dovey missed the automatic closing of the chicken door, which freaked her out a bit.  [She’s back in the coop, safe with her sisters now.]  We’ll work on it.

coopa coopa-cabana-henitentiaryroosting-on-camera ladies-gathering

The good news – the garden is rocking.  I have sweet potatoes, red potatoes, green and yellow squash, roma and cherry tomatoes, nasturtium, radish, beets, bok choy, basil, spinach, egg plant, cucumber, parsley, zinnias, marigolds, bush beans (in yellow, green and purple) and chives … all growing beautifully. (Struggling with watermelon and winter squash … but we’ll keep at it!)

raised-bed-garden-2020sweet-potatoes potato-potszucchini yellow-squash tomatoesnasturtium radish cauliflower-beetsbok-choy-bolting eggplants-pepper-parsley beans-partially-weededcucumber-zinnia-spinach chives

I still have a few things growing in my studio window (thyme, patty pan squash, sweet peas and sunflowers).  DH vetoed growing corn this year … but I can’t complain!

booboo-salveThe bad news … I haven’t found my studio mojo yet.  Not for glass or card making.  It’s there, just waiting for me to find it …  But here is the BooBoo (skin care) salve I made from plantain and dandelions from our yard.  I like it!

And, finally – the good news:  The pool is open and I’ve already had a couple of sun-days!  [Photos to come …]

Now for 24 hours of ER nursing fun.  Stay safe Ya’ll!

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