Silent/Healing …

I’m not sure why I would decide to develop abdominal cellulitis now.  I don’t know how one goes about creating abdominal cellulitis … But, I’ve been quiet lately, in part – because that’s what I’ve been doing/GROWING???


IV-bruiseAbsolute craziness!  Not what I had programmed.  But, there you have it – this body has it’s own plans … I don’t recommend it.  I don’t like it!  If you get a choice, don’t choose it!  Deep belly ache, crazy Native-American-esque red slashes across your gut, and they are HOT!  Brew for a few days … Next up –  a super-fun ER visit!  Great Nurse, Great Doc, GREAT CARE … Here’s my IV bruise – so colorful!!! (I bruise easily … It’s something I’m naturally good at!)

Now, add in some stomach-CLENCHING oral antibiotics for a couple/few weeks … Meanwhile – my HEAD wants productive stuff to HAPPEN here!!!

DH is helping, as much as he can.  I’m waddling around with a 7 month pregnant BELLY (down from 9 months), F.U.L.L. –  with that short-of-breath abdominal gut … Uhmm, WHO ORDERED THIS?  Waiter, can I send it back???  Any way – moving on!

brooke-ahne-creativeDH is building the chicken coop.  Our oldest daughter sent a hand-lettered sign, “Coopa Cabana”  for Mother’s Day … I love it!

And, he’s building a PALACE for these Ladies!


received_584951955738185   coop-almost-done

Our girls are growing.  This, I can watch over!  We have 10 LADIES, and I’m sure we will get into all of their names –  and their shenanigans!


The garden is planted … mostly.  I hope DH can help make the last few parts happen …  Here is a quick pic of the pre-starts I still have growing in the studio window:


I am happy.  I’m waddling – which is not on the happy list!  My Coopa and my garden are in … I can waddle – until the antibiotics kick in, SOMEDAY!

Lastly, I stumbled on a salve recipe, made from readily available yard ‘weeds’ (plantain and dandelion flowers) … It’s supposed to be anti-inflammatory and help with arthritic pain … Who couldn’t use some of that!?! … So I have it ‘brewing’ in a crock-pot:


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