So, This Happened …

DH woke me to tell me we have chicks!  OMGoodness, they are so stinkin’ cute! Now the pressure is on him, as these babies will need their coop within the next 3-4 weeks …


We talked at length and settled on some plans for building the raised bed garden.  Here’s my non-architect sketch.  Those are 15 foot beds in there, which will also need to be ready within the next 3-4 weeks!  Who’s a spoiled girl?  This GIRL!!! Winking smile


sweet-potato-slipsSo, with that in mind, I continue to scour the ‘net, searching and learning all things gardening.  With my latest discovery, I’m trying to grow sweet potato slips.  It may or may not be too late to start these for a successful growing season … It all depends on what kind of Indian-summer (mild fall) Michigan decides to give us … We’ll see.  Here’s a quick photo of my (indoor) ‘kiln garden’ starts …

I had a few requests at work for additional thank you cards for our (ER nursing) unit to hand out.  So, I made some … 

more-thank-you-cards thank-you-card even-more-TY-cards

Next week, I need to clean this studio and work on a few glass projects.  And, play with chicks, and puppies, and … … …

Have a safe weekend, Y’all!

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