Hello … Spring???

Where are you?  Michigan and spring are so NOT-IN-TUNE with each other …

seafood-alfredoSo, while we’re experiencing frequent snowfall in between teaser-weather days, I’ve been cooking.  We made Seafood Alfredo, a big pot of Spinach Sausage Bean soup (with added vegetables), and tonight we triedsausage-spinach-bean-soup Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Pesto – with a substitute … I couldn’t find any fresh basil, so I used watercress instead.  That may have been the mistake, as we just didn’t love it.  I paired it with chicken (Spinach Chicken casserole), which helped …

zoodles avacado-pesto chicken-and-zucchin-avacado

I played with embossing folders and a ‘faux metal’ look with distress inks/perfect pearls to make some pretty card tops, and pulled a few together as cards.

faux-metal-embossed-backgro   faux-metal-hi-cards

I’ve also been stream-line producing spoon rests in the production kiln all week.  I have 25 blanks completed, and another batch ready for slumping.  I hope to get our ornaments back up to par in little production-kiln batches over the next few weeks.


We got our indoor seed starts planted.  I’m trying an experiment with a store-bought Roma tomato.  It may work, and it may not … we’ll see.

indoor-seeds  roma-experiment

chcken-warmerOur pups are opening their eyes, which means we can step away from the whelping box for short spells … I’m hopeful DH can make some progress with our coop next week.  Our chicken warmer arrived this week … I’m so excited!  We may be bringing some chicks home soon!

Leaving with a quick photo of one of our girls, who is just barely peekin’ … Winking smile  Happy Weekend Y’all.  Stay safe!!!


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