Bring on the Spring …

I have spring fever.  I am so ready to do some things in the yard.  I’ve been reading up and watching YouTube videos, and I think this year DH and I are finally ready to bring home some chickens!  I’m so excited.  But first, we’ll be converting an old shed into a coop for them.  Kind of like this photo (Not My Photo), but with a large attached fully (fenced) enclosed ‘run’.


And, I’m excited about the garden this year.  I’ve researched and recorded the best planting dates for the various vegetables we hope to grow, and I’ll be starting the seeds that I can next week.  We plan to do all raised bed and vertical gardening (also not my photo) this year, so I’m hopeful we’ll have better results. [Fingers crossed!]


unicorn-cardI’ve donated some of my cards: Thank You cards for my nursing unit to give for all of the generous meal contributions we’ve been receiving over the last few weeks; Hello/Thinking of You/Just Because cards for a friend to deliver to some elderly/nursing home residents. Which means I’ve been finishing card fronts that I made over the last couple of years; And, I made a special birthday card for a great coworker!

thank you cards  card donations  more cards

We’re staying busy with our four-legged family. too.  Our Xena had babies last week.  She’s doing great (and getting her appetite back, thank goodness) and her pups are growing by the minute (eyes aren’t open yet though); Viola was giving her sexy pose by the arborvitae; And Linda and Vi taking a much needed nap …


I even have a few glass loads planned for the production kiln, and some new recipes I’m ready to try in the kitchen … But more on that later.

I’ll leave with a quick photo DH caught at dusk over our pond.  Our house = My happy place!  Stay safe and out of the ER’s!  Hugs Y’all!


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