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So much going on …

I knew this would be a crazy couple of weeks – what with turning 29 again!  [… Oh, yeah – and the presidential election …]  Since I can only control what happens in MY REALM, I can safely report we’ve been busy;… Read More

Studio fun …

We had a great time at Harvest Fest on Saturday.  Beautiful weather, great people and … while I have no pictures of me, I was smiling!  Here was our set-up this year:   I stumbled on a new (to me) kind of… Read More

Two days before Christmas … and Still Movin’

… ‘Cuz there’s no choice … And, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  [Deep Breath!]  So, here’s what we’ve got: ‘Twas two days before Christmas and all through the house, all you can hear is the snoring of 9 brand new… Read More

I had a post …

All ready to go, heavy on the WWU, but … I’ll talk about what’s going on in my studio instead:  Spoon rests, owls and renovating … Oh my!  I’m wrapping up my spoon rests!  12 down and 13 more to go!  But… Read More

Christmas 2014

We had some fun Christmas moments this year: We (as a family unit) decided we needed to hit a few more stores on Christmas Eve … It’s quite an adventure if you haven’t tried it.  All sorts of interesting people-watching to be… Read More

A minute to relax …

We had our show.  It was great!  A lot of work, but what a wonderful end to our ‘season’!  Here is our 24 foot long ‘booth’ (the only photo I took, as we were still setting up … DOH!) In the meantime,… Read More


HA!  I knew I got that heat press for a reason!  Still fine tuning, but … this is promising! The kitchen is also mine again:  Great shrimp stir-fry for dinner – chocked full of veggies.  Then, I made some Cabbage Crack (Napa… Read More

It’s crunch time …

The next 8 days are gonna be so crazy/busy … good thing I love stress! I have adorable kids to get me through! The babies will start moving on to their new homes starting next week … but, we are keeping one. … Read More

The cup is more than half full … and it’s Summer

Had our weekly photo-shoot.  Sienna’s boys are showing signs of being ready for more sustenance (weaning).  Zonie’s babies have opened their eyes.  We have folks calling and visiting regularly – which means the maid is working double duty, but hey … it’s… Read More

No Sunshine, but solitude … ???

Almost!  We’ve been adopted by yet another couple.  This time, a pair of Barn Swallows has ‘moved-in’ … right on my side porch (outside the kitchen).  They sure are a vocal pair and I’m not loving their choice of summer homes!  I… Read More