I’m Trying to be Creative …

While I’m down and out!

So, my back is not happy.  Apparently, she’s trying to disband from this union.  I’ve been nursing her back to homeostasis, if not happiness – for the better part of a week.  She’s just not falling for it.  I ice, take ibuprofen, ice a bit more, try Ultram, add more ice … Maybe I can move.  So I play in the studio … Until I can’t bear standing any more, and then I try it again:  Ice, ibuprofen, ice, tramadol … rinse/repeat. 

20210924_201010So then I was trying to make food.  I got a beautiful loaf of bread finished.  Made up a vat of cabbage with burger … Apparently, DH’s favorite … 20210923_182928A mock on the inside out stuffed-cabbage recipe.  He’s not sharing those left-overs with ANYONE!  Wow! … And we added some cooked squash from our garden to freeze for the first AUTUMN soup!  So excited.

Slowing down in the studio, not only for my back, but we have family coming out this week.  Our oldest boy is turning 27 years old!  Wow!  You go Dude!20211005_020022

So, we invited family out.  My Dad and stepMom bailed, but Brooke and her beau accepted.  We’ll be trialing rabbit and home-grown chicken, vegetable medley, hibachi garlic noodles, along with a strawberry spinach salad and brownies with whipped cream/vanilla pudding frosting … A good meal to share with family, while celebrating our oldest son’s birthday!  I am happy.

Umm, my back is still not happy.  I have time to tame this crazy beast.  I’ve reached out, again to my PCP – and I may be ready to try a chiropractor – as something needs to break this evil cycle!  Meanwhile – between icing and resting/Motrin-ing and Ultram-ing, I can create in bits and spurts … Here’s what I’ve been making:  Our third round of red sauce … Oh, I think I’ve perfected it!  😉


And, my cards.  Because this is something I can do between motrin highs and back-aching lows, with ice on the spot for cycles at a time.  Gearing up for a Christmas Gift batch for my family.  Here’s what we have so far …

20210928_231827 - Copy  20211005_01584220211004_202622    20210928_231851 - Copy20210924_000809   .20210923_215726    20210923_010412

Yep, it keeps me busy.  It keeps me off the streets. And, it keeps me tied to my couch in the studio.  I’ve home-nursed this craziness for years, but I feel like this time – it’s giving me a run for the money … Just about to get stable – feel a snap or twinge – back to square one.  It could be so much worse, I know … So, I’m not really complaining.  I am frustrated as so many folks are depending on me, and I don’t like to be down and out, doing nothing!  Must get this back of mine in line!!!

Hugs, Y’all!

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