Indian Summer–I’ll Take It!!!

20210907_155835We started this past week off with a huge batch of seafood alfredo – enjoyed by both of us as we worked through the weekend.  And then, this week – while pulling together a quick salad of spinach, carrots, peas, water chestnuts, romaine and a mayo-style dressing, I decided to shave off a few deep layers of my nail bed, with our new – extra sharp, paring knife.  No worries – no special sauce in the dressing, but DARN – that hurts!

20210916_013820        20210918_052121

20210917_164036Moving on … We enjoyed as many Indian Summer pool days as we could.  Meanwhile, DH is dealing with some wicked family issues.  It’s so crummy when family turns on you!  I’ve been listening, supportive and trying to feed him through this major family let-down.


Through it all, our garden is producing.  We’ve put up about 15-16 quarts of beans.  I have a batch of tomato sauce, and will be making another this week.  We froze our basil pesto cubes, for future use … And the Ladies (my egg-layers) are loving all the melons we grew.

20210908_195649 20210914_175626 20210908_152510

I put together another batch of dandelion plantain (anti-itch) salve, as the MOSQUITOES have been relentless this year!

20210910_033711       20210918_052605

Time for another ‘Bob-N-Weave’ weekend of ER nursing fun.  It feels like we’re seeing so many folks who present as ‘Covid +’ – and they just want confirmation that they’re Covid POSITIVE … WTH???  Stay safe (and STAY HOME) Y’all!  [HUGS]

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