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Updates – and studio news …

Our cheap-man’s stromboli (chicken & mushrooms in crescent dough ‘braid’) from the other night is good … The family says it’s a [not-so-healthy] keeper-recipe … Moving on, DH & I had our pull – the ‘feared’ red cane … It worked, and I… Read More

Darn Wings Anyway …

Wow – this elbow thing hurts!  The mutant limb aches from my thumb up to my bicep … So – it MUST be healing … RIGHT?!?  Grrrr … A measly few items from the studio to share, as I have spent much… Read More

I had a post …

All ready to go, heavy on the WWU, but … I’ll talk about what’s going on in my studio instead:  Spoon rests, owls and renovating … Oh my!  I’m wrapping up my spoon rests!  12 down and 13 more to go!  But… Read More

The cup is more than half full … and it’s Summer

Had our weekly photo-shoot.  Sienna’s boys are showing signs of being ready for more sustenance (weaning).  Zonie’s babies have opened their eyes.  We have folks calling and visiting regularly – which means the maid is working double duty, but hey … it’s… Read More