I had a post …

All ready to go, heavy on the WWU, but … I’ll talk about what’s going on in my studio instead:  Spoon rests, owls and renovating … Oh my! 

I’m wrapping up my spoon rests!  12 down and 13 more to go!  But here’s a pic of the first 7, done and now ready for in-depth photography:

spoon rests 1-28

dichro cabs 1-27owlsA co-worker had a special request for an owl … so I made some owl sun-catcher/ornaments.  I’m even working on a few night lights (to come):

I also had a request for a special badge reel (speech language pathology), so I ran with it … along with a few additional new designs.  I’m waiting for the kiln to cool down now, but here’s a quick pic of step one:

And … DH is being a  sweetie!  My studio is on the second floor of his ‘man cave’.  And, while the studio herself has been finished for the last few years, the stairs leading to my HAVEN have been in rough (bare-naked-stud walls) shape FOREVER!  Not any more … Drywall and paint are done(!), with carpet and decor coming soon (HALL of Shame, here we go!)!

studio stairs 1-28

To wrap up my ‘off-week’, we’re getting ready for Christmas II (celebrations with my dad’s family): So … massive cleaning abounds; the elves are wrapping gifts; and the menu for the event include Bacon-&-herb-wrapped turkey, apple whiskey stuffing, mashed potatoes with homemade gravy (- Oh yeah … totally THANKSGIVING revisited!), parmesan-spinach biscuit wraps (this recipe – with parmesan cheese added … umm, just because!), hanky-pankies (a Grandma T recipe), swirled chocolate cream cheese dessert bites and Mexican fruit cake.

After our family PARTAY, and a fun-filled weekend of ER Nursing adventures … the next studio trials include new (Fusion Headquarters) enamel experiments, air-brushing escapades, a mesh-melt bowl and a few more trials with sand-blasting … Oh – and maybe a bit more with chainmail.  More to come …

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