Studio work, and …

Instant access to the internet!  Oh, but I love it … Where else can you catch a movie (Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit.  Thank you, Netflix!), while surfing for new project ideas, more ‘self-taught’ learning, and trivia facts/decorating ideas/etc. … 

But first – my kilns are cooking:  Stage 3 of my batch of spoon rests, and future night lights (enamel stenciling to come) …


future-batman-nightlight        sugar-skull-night-light

I’ve played a bit, too, with a couple of the ‘cast-a-cab’ molds – but not with great success:


And, I continue puttering with chainmail:  REALLY small bracelet bits (Elemental Cuff chainmail) that I’m struggling with, along with a few completed Half Persian 3-1 stretchy bracelets …

really-small-chainmail     half-persian-stretchy-brace

All while doing more research/gearing up to re-visit/play with techniques to stencil, screen print AND airbrush  (new for me) on glass!

So, we won’t get into the trivia facts (although – pips, amygdalin, Laetrile, B17 and bowel cancer/Alzheimer’s treatments were some of the research words discovered today … all because of a bad reality show I watched for a few minutes …).  We also won’t talk about (nurse) work this past weekend.  I’ll just leave you with this cute ‘sign’ I may purchase to donate to the E.R.’s break room décor … Winking smile

crazy to work here

PS – my youngest son (my ‘baby’ – by 3 whole minutes!) got his first job this week.  He’s thrilled, and I’ve decided to throw any ideas about ‘New Year’ weight loss out the window.  Umm – he’s working at a local Coney Island restaurant … YUM!!!

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