2015 … So far, so good!

This week and – to date, 2015 has been busy and productive …

spoon-rests-1-15My kilns have been working overtime:  Future spoon rests (so far we’re up to 16 of them … in various stages); Night lights (umm … 12 and counting, including this turquoise and red beauty); New pendants almost ready for bails … And a partridge in a pear tree.  No wait, that was last week … Winking smile

turquoise-red-night-light   012015-cabs

And, I was up at way “TOO-EARLY O’clock” on Friday morning to get pups off to their new homes (WA, VA and ID).  All did well and my little ones are being properly loved and spoiled in the required one-on-one scenario!


sad-birthdayPlus, we stopped in to take Grandpa T out to lunch.  So, while this coming week would be my grandma’s 90 birthday … Grandpa is going to be OK.  [BTW – Happy Birthday Gram!  I miss you!]

I am playing with chain mail again!  I like these for key-chain/dream-catcher tchotchkes … And, I have discovered a new (current favorite) red wine: Black Cherry Pinot Noir by Wine Experts/Island Mist.  (It’s a sweet wine, more like wine-cooler-wanna-be … but I love these wine making kits!)  Lucky me, I made a whole ‘batch’ (28 bottles) … YUM

chainmail-jan-2015          black-cherry-pinot-noir

Now to prepare for another (ER nursing) weekend night tour – in the New Year … Sure, it COULD be different.  Or, it might be more FLU!  I LOVE being coughed on and touched by virus-grubby hands … Doesn’t everybody?  So, here’s the closest thing to my New Year resolution (!) and my first 2015 Public Service Announcement: photo credit linkSmile [And, just to point out … Lucky YOU!  You can’t actually HEAR me SINGING this song …]


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