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Minimal Adulting …

We got thru tax season 2019.  It was a painful week, but we beat the deadline.  We did ‘OK’ this year – we felt the tax law changes, but came out ‘winning’ … For whatever reason, this year’s tax prep was UNBELEVIABLY… Read More

Pendant-Making-Friday …

Well, because I can!  I’ve been fiddling with these all week.  While making more components and parts …   DH seems to think I should make some type of ‘ocean scene’ … Hmmm But, I’m being nice as the poor guy turns… Read More

So much going on …

I knew this would be a crazy couple of weeks – what with turning 29 again!  [… Oh, yeah – and the presidential election …]  Since I can only control what happens in MY REALM, I can safely report we’ve been busy;… Read More

2015 … So far, so good!

This week and – to date, 2015 has been busy and productive … My kilns have been working overtime:  Future spoon rests (so far we’re up to 16 of them … in various stages); Night lights (umm … 12 and counting, including this turquoise and… Read More

Studio Time, Presents and Dogs … OH MY!

Have eked out some studio time … playing with a Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh – DH’s favorite) ornament.  I plan to paint it, but set it on my recent blank (in oranges, reds and golds) and I kinda like the look… Read More

Week Wrap-up

I realize my life is set up different than most … My ‘work week’ begins on Saturday and ends at 7am Monday morning, but I like to think I cram a whole lot of headache, turmoil, drama, etc into that 48 hour… Read More