Minimal Adulting …

We got thru tax season 2019.  It was a painful week, but we beat the deadline.  We did ‘OK’ this year – we felt the tax law changes, but came out ‘winning’ … For whatever reason, this year’s tax prep was UNBELEVIABLY painful.  I never wanted to miss a deadline as badly!  So, it’s Friday and I’m still recovering – with minimal adulting.

I finally did some cooking on Friday (the first time this week).  Of course I went big – a VAT of potato soup, strawberry jam, spinach pies and a big batch of cranberry granola.  DH is still making about two Instant Pot’s of greek yogurt each week.  So the jam and granola make me happy!


Meanwhile, Ro and her RoBO babies are doing great(!) – growing, eating and adjusting to life on the outside.

Ro-and-babies   wk2-robo-babies

I’ve had the kiln running a couple of times this week, to keep up with orders.  I had some heartbreak after a successful firing.  I assume it was because I didn’t pull the glass off the mold after firing, but let it stay there for a few days –  with crazy Michigan temperature changes  … only to discover this:


Through it all, I’m making cards: Easter cards – for our offspring; and a ‘batch’ of birthday cards – to add to my  ‘collection box’.  Eventually, I may decide to do more with these than just family/friend gift-giving.  I’m still thinking about it.  But, in the meantime, they make me happy.


Now, to get ready for a week-end of ER Nursing fun …

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