Sweet Puppies, Mental Health Nite and CARDS …

RoBo’s babies have turned three weeks old.  Their eyes are open and starting to focus, ears are opening (they scare themselves when they growl or bark) and they’re getting cuter by the MINUTE!!!


DH and I got together with some of my work gang this week.  Many have moved on from our ER ( – one has even RETIRED – I’m so jealous!), but we all share some third shift magic!  It’s great that we still get together – after 17 years (for some of the gang)!


special-request-plateI made a special request dog plate – this one spotlights a German Shepherd. 

And I made a few cards.  Some okay, some not-so-much … But I also have more stamped images ready to color.  One more day of fun before heading back to the ER this weekend.  Happy Spring Y’all!!!

water-color-flowersembossed-flowers-card  new-stamps-to-color


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