Having a GREAT time …

DH-55-cardWarning – another photo-heavy post.  But, I’m having so much fun! 

DH had a birthday, so I made him a ‘pop-up’ card:DH-bday-card

And, we’ve been cooking.  I have photos of the jerky we made (pork, beef and chicken), along with the homemade dog treats … The pups love them!  Here’s the link to the dog treat recipe.  Thanks Alyssa!

jerky    homemade-dog-treats

I’ve also been reading up on handmade lotions, so I whipped up a couple of batches.

lotion-round-2    handmade-lotion-number-2

ceramic-kiln-number-3Oh, and we purchased another ceramic kiln (our third).  Check her out, she’s HUGE!

So, we’ve been making and glazing pots (mugs, dishes, plant pots, etc.)  Here come the pictures:


FDL-mug-finished chun-red-mug celtic-muglips-cup peacock-bowl my-pot

I’m making some glass things too – just so those kilns don’t feel lonely.  Smile

2022-spoon-rests    glass-santas

ducksDH and I have been going for walks (called exercising – in my book).  We stumbled on a neighbor’s pond full of ducks, so I took a photo.  I’ve also been doing some AM hours (or being a day-walker) … CRAZY, I know!  But here is the sunrise photo I caught on DH’s birthday.  Pretty!


I’ll leave with a cute pic of one of our Neo pups, Walter (Cronkite or ‘Kronk’).  Awwww!  And Miss Chloe Cowbell – because it’s hard to be Chloe!  Winking smile

walter-no2  hard-to-be-chloe

Love and hugs, y’all!

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