Snow and Play …

We had our big snow storm.  It produced, but nothing overly dramatic.  The pups had fun romping through it, though.


Meanwhile, we continue to play in the ceramic  studio.  DH made a Batman mug.  It fired okay (with glazes), but we’ve definitely had some better pieces coming out of our kilns.  And here is our new mug display in the kitchen.  Smile

batman-mug  batman-firedpots-2-72-7-load-mugmugd

Our hydroponics continue to grow.  We are routinely grabbing bok choy and various herbs.  I would like the tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini to produce a bit more/faster …2-22-hydroponics    hyrdoponics-2-22

tragus-piercingOh, and this just happened.  I’d been wanting to get a tragus piercing for a bit, so I had my little sister act as my ‘wing-man’.  I’m glad I have it, and she had me laughing through most of it …

This also happened (today).  We brought our male, “Buck Rogers” home, along with a sweet blue girl – named “Violet” – who is 3 months old.  Awwww!  Babs and Thumper are enjoying a more ‘colony’ vibe to their habitat now …

buck violetthumper & babs

I’m also playing in the kitchen of my studio.  Lip balm last week, and I hope to add strawberry and mango flavors as well.  And a new book to learn from.  We already make yogurt (SO MUCH CHEAPER!!!), but I’d love to make some cheeses (like muenster and gouda!) …

lip-balm   more-learning

I’m gathering supplies for soap making too … Just a matter of time now!  Winking smile

Stay safe and hugs, Y’all!

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