So much going on …

I knew this would be a crazy couple of weeks – what with turning 29 again!  [… Oh, yeah – and the presidential election …]  Since I can only control what happens in MY REALM, I can safely report we’ve been busy; Life and glass go on …

I continue my battle with time, power surges (hot-flashes), juggling tasks and safe annealing schedules.  I’m hoping to get 4 coffin loads finished before our show.  We’ll see.  Glass this week:

dragonfly-meets-metal lilac-heart-bowlgrape-vine-platter fun-dichro-future-pendants

And, we have puppies!  Both Yorkie and Neapolitan Mastiff …  Oh yeah – we’re totally gonna have some puppy-breath here!  Smile

yorkie-pups-2016 tawny-Neo-pups

I’m still batch cooking – to keep all well-fed.  Today it was Bean & Ham soup.  You need to know my son will tell everyone he doesn’t like (non-green) beans.  ‘At ALL!’ … Um, unless his Momma hides them in soup made entirely from broken down beans!  Yep – it was that good!  (Made from ham stock, spices, chopped ham, carrots, spinach and onions, along with well simmered navy, butter, cannellini and pinto beans – cuz that’s what DH brought home … I know, right!?!)  Anyway, I WIN!


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