Exploding FISH – and other news …

I can’t believe my over-stuffed kiln did what she did.  She did NOT play nice … exactly … But, she didn’t die either.  And – look what she created on the bottom layer of her unhappy self!


I couldn’t produce that – in this manner – IF I TRIED!  So, ok … Jenny wins (my production kiln)! 

In other frustrating news – I spent HOURS searching around my cluttered, chaotic, craft-show-crazy studio looking for a night light shade I KNOW I HAVE.  [Um, still haven’t found it – but I did get side tracked learning some pearls about enamels and made a new friend from CZ!  So, I win …) I ended up loading a new one in tonight’s coffin-load. 


Meanwhile, I have a couple of new pieces in Jenny – we shall see how she behaves.  Spent my DH-less/date-night-Friday as follows:  Moving along my pendants; enticing a finicky Yorkie-mom with “Cesar” can food (3 of them); ordering a couple of birthday books from Amazon (Thanks Sis!); and ending with TWD/a couple of cocktails!  Next up – a few hours of ER nursing fun(!) – in T-12 hours …


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