T-32 hours …

And, it looks like most of this one is on me … ‘SssAllGoooood!  Wow.  I’m not whining – or stressing, but could we have just 2 or 3 more plates to keep spinning in the air right now? 

Combine college twins [who one might hope could be self-sufficient … SILLY GIRL!], with an overloaded DH, two canine Moms (one is being a super picky eater – Brat Vivi!  But – she loves my chicken, so … she’s getting my chicken), and a 3 day art show on top of our typical activities/tasks … [Um, like DH wanting stir fry tonight … sure, Honey – I got that!]

As I have long felt that sleep is over-rated, I am producing in the studio.  Here’s what is coming to our booth this weekend:  [Fingers crossed!]


irid-nature-art pendants-for-show dragonfly-lovenightlights-ready-for-show peacock-platter-2016more-peacock-feathers  ring-dishes 

more-spoon-rests   another-batch-of-dichroic-n

Just one more slump-run to get together.  And, pack everything up.  And – load it in the trailer.  And … set up an amazing, inviting, artistic display … NO PROBLEM!

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