Tag: kiln mishaps

Ouch and Doh!

So, I managed to start the week off with an OUCHER!!!  While some may think stitches were indicated, THIS nurse knows better!  I still got my mega-load of spoon rests in the coffin kiln.  And, more rainbow night lights in the works… Read More

Exploding FISH – and other news …

I can’t believe my over-stuffed kiln did what she did.  She did NOT play nice … exactly … But, she didn’t die either.  And – look what she created on the bottom layer of her unhappy self! I couldn’t produce that – in… Read More

No More Sunshine?!? What!!!

So, I don’t have lupus or mixed-connective tissue disease … yet!  Although, my newest doctor tells me that SUNSHINE could cause my ANA to flip.  WTH!?!  Next, someone’s gonna say that Diet Coke or alcohol are bad for you!!!  In the meantime,… Read More


Must have been tired yesterday when I was playing in the studio … I pulled my latest Welcome Yoda sign out and was initially pleased!  Here are both irid signs: And then, as I was trying to catch the irid-flash on the… Read More

It’s the little things …

My new baby kiln arrived – and I love her!  Fired her up last night and drove home the point that I have a new kiln to learn (each kiln has their own heating personalities, preferences, etc.) … DOH!  If I’d been… Read More