Ouch and Doh!

oucherSo, I managed to start the week off with an OUCHER!!!  While some may think stitches were indicated, THIS nurse knows better!  I still got my mega-load of spoon rests in the coffin kiln.  And, more rainbow night lights in the works …

spoons-galore night-lights

No stopping me in the kitchen, either.  Shrimp stir-fry is a hit at my house.


My production kiln is acting up, AGAIN!.  One of the relays stuck in the ‘ON’ position, ruining these blanks … No error code, the kiln just stuck at 1400+ degrees (higher than programmed) for 8+ hours (when it was caught).  Hmmm, makes me wonder if it was a faulty replacement relay or did I manage to mess up the repair a couple of months ago … ?!?  Plenty of time to stew about it, while I wait for more parts to arrive… Doh!


Leaving with a cute pic of my sleepy girlz … [SNOOORE!]


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