Feeling good …

Had a long-assz talk with my Dad tonight, who always helps me put things in perspective, helping me HUGELY …  (Thanks Dad – I love you!)

We had a good week here.  I overcame the recent nursing obstacles, thus allowing me to continue with my ‘day job’ … Winking smile  Plastic, anoxic, babies better watch out!

I had a great week in the studio, creating spoon rests and night lights [photos to come], while slicing up my fingers – as only a glass-fuser can (enjoy …???) … APPRECIATE!

I’ve got my girls … These four-legged BEASTS that keep me busy and entertained!


cauliflower-chowderI tried a new recipe tonight … and it’s a keeper: Cauliflower Corn Chowder

And, after talking with Dad (- the way a kid touches base with her ‘REALITY’ …), I’m OK, my family is OK … EVERYTHING is OK!

We’re going to have another ‘All-In-The-Family’ dinner soon, at Dad’s request:

  • My grandparents (the original Ozzy & Harriet) had three sons – as drastically different as one can get.
  • I come from a ‘broken’ household.  I am the oldest, with a sister I grew up with, and another that joined us later … And a dysfunctional mother – that I was never able to form a bond … But, I am blessed with SISTERS that I love.
  • I created a stable home, with my high-school sweet-heart, and produced four beautiful offspring … Whom I love to my core – they are as different as night and day and at opposite ends of every spectrum you can imagine.  They are healthy, gorgeous, smart kids.  They had a solid foundation.  They are making their own unique path in our world!
    • What they do with me is immaterial.  They are strong, productive members of society … So am I.  And – my own ‘mental-bar’:  No one is pregnant (as no one is married), or in jail!!!

Dad helped me better appreciate what I have, what I come from … And, what I have intentionally created. 

So, I can go forward and try to be Florence [Nightingale] – for as long as I can handle it.  I can feel secure in knowing my family is as stable as they come.  And, I can get lost – and create – both in the kitchen and the studio … Knowing I did right by my family.

[No more drinking as I type … I PROMISE … I’LL TRY!!!]


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