I want to be good …

I’m TRYING to be good.  But – I just spent the last 3 hours attempting to save the lives of virtual (plastic) babies … Judged by how quickly I threw ‘life saving items’ “IN MY BASKET(!!!)” … And, I’m not done yet.  On Thursday, I’ll endure another 90 minutes playing ‘lets pretend’ with REAL plastic babies.  Arrghh!

It’s not that I want to ‘pretend’ or keep my skills current on real babies.  It’s that my employer feels that spending 3 hours (ummm … 3 hours that I’m not allowed to claim as working) on some crappy-designed virtual LEARNING ‘Lets Make a Deal’ GAME will hone my infant delivery skill-set, for our free-standing ER.  In my 28 years of nursing experience, this used to be taken a bit more seriously … and professionally … and paid!

Anyway, I’ve finished my YEARLY competency (AGAIN) … And, the good news – I don’t have any additional competencies due for another six months!  (Right[?!?] … The difficulty – we are ALLOWED to clock in some virtual time YEARLY …. Hmmm, what to do, WHAT TO DO?!?)

I know, play with cute puppies!  Here’s our son – being DEVOURED by Neapolitan Mastiffs and English Bulldogs!  Too cute!!!

play-time puppy-play-time_thumb.jpg

The great news – I’ll get to play (in REAL TIME) in the studio on Friday.  And, I’m told I need to work on a nursing GOAL.  Hmmm, maybe better education … or – at least paid (when it’s mandatory) education … Just Sayin’ … Winking smile

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